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The Tribal Rug Trend: Giving Sari Silk An Impressive Second Life

Millions of women around the world wear saris. The long, decorative drape of Indian women is vibrant, distinctive and unique. In what can only be described as a genius story of recycling, these sari silk trimmings are being used to make some of the most colorful, imaginative, and most sought-after rugs on the market today.


The rug patterns are tribal in inspiration, much like antique ikat fabrics that emphasize bright, saturated colors. No two hand-crafted Sari Silk rugs are alike, as each rug is dependent on the sari remnants collected. The combination from different saris is what makes these rugs truly special – they are one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Feizy has three beautiful collections that embrace this eco-friendly process:

The Arushi Collection offers effortless style and casual comfort. Hand woven of recycled sari silk and backed in wool, these pieces are both functional and festive. Available in vibrant colorways and basic neutrals, this collection lends itself to a wide range of decorating possibilities.


The Sattika Collection’s chunky hand knots create bold textures to create unforgettable spaces. Recycled sari silk piles and updated traditional designs lend themselves well to casual spaces.


The Tortola Collection weaves bright soft sari sill into natural, hand-knotted jute; and is the perfect blend of bold and comfortable. The unique construction of these two fibers is exclusive to Feizy and unveils a transitional collection of subtle geometrics perfect for any space.


Sari silk rugs are an idea whose time has clearly come, combining social consciousness with functionality and approachable luxury. A win/win/win.


113184-feizy-rugs-names-kim-vance-vp-marketing-and-communicationsAbout Kim Vance
Kim is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Feizy Rugs. Kim is an accomplished marketing professional with a design industry background, having grown up with parents who were decorators. Feizy is the perfect home for her toolbox of talent.

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