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10 Luxurious Pools We Love

A warm summer day. A clear blue sky. The smell of freshly-cut grass. A beautiful, inviting swimming pool. Soft towels with sherbet-colored borders. Watermelon. Lemonade. Splashing with friends. These are the things that summer afternoons are made of.

In honor of this quintessential summer pastime, we would like to share 10 of our favorite luxurious pools, sure to make you long to take a dip. Go ahead, jump in!

1. The play of the blue cushion accents against this Southampton Beach House make it understated and inviting.


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

2. This natural swimming pool was carved out of a mountain ledge and surrounded by native plants. Is it a swimming pool or a fresh mountain stream?


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful


3. The dramatic Italian cypresses against the white stucco make this California swimming pool chic and sophisticated.









4. These gauzy white billowing curtains give this Florida home instant glamour. Breezy and relaxed!


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

5. How can you not love an indoor living area that completely opens up to your beautiful limestone pool?


Photo courtesy of Veranda Magazine

6. This sunken Spanish-revival California pool area feels lush, hidden and special.


Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

7. This Austin pool takes its cue from the wide-open lake beyond. Heavenly.


Photo courtesy of Austin Home

8. A concrete channel connects the spa and the swimming pool and echoes the desert roofline of this luxurious Mexican retreat.


Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

9. Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is famous for his use of animal prints—on the runway and in hisTuscan estate. Can you say “Make A Statement?” Yes!


Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

10. This infinity pool boasts striking views of Lebanon’s Sannine Mountains. A sunken seating area and fire pit make it perfect for entertaining.


Photo courtesy of Elle Decor












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