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Welcome Friends and Family: Our Guest Linenry is at Your Service

Cozy. There’s just no better word to describe what we all crave this time of year. Our body clocks are telling us to sleep longer and stay in more often. Is your home equipped for the call to coziness?

Cozy (noun) covering to keep something warm

Fabiana throw

Look no further than this Fabiana Throw to get you there.

Perfect for morning coffee on the porch and curling up with a good book, Fabiana is soft pearl colored faux fur on one side and rich ultra suede on the other. Yes, cozy. Even better? Beautiful. Go ahead, toss it jauntily over a chair for an immediate rich, layered look.

The change in seasons also brings warm gatherings into view. Are you ready to welcome friends and family? Shouldn’t they feel cozy too? Turn to our Guest Linenry for assistance.

Cozy (adjective) 1. snug 2. friendly

What could feel friendlier than a guest bath equipped with the one-two punch of our Bamboo Bath Towels and Waffle Robe?

bath towels

Our Bamboo Towels are luxuriously soft and stylishly beautiful.


Our best-selling, 100% cotton waffle robe is available in linen, navy and white.


riviera_stack (1)

Finish off the snug experience with guest bed swathed in our 420-thread count Soprano Sheets and 100% Egyptian cotton Riviera Blanket.

Go ahead, you can say it … Cozy.

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